Published: Dec. 1, 2009

In Memoriam

Donald B. Moses (Law’34)
Doug Morrison (Fin’35)
Bettye Moan Mullen (A&S ex’35)
Marguerite Walsh Goldsworthy (HomeEcon’36)
Elvera Thomas Curless (A&S ex’37)
Lewis A. Hayden (MechEngr’38)
Evelyn Anne Alps Romans (A&S ex’38)
James Troy Robison (MHist’39, PhD’48)
William D. Wing (Econ’39)
Janet Smith West (A&S ex’40)
James B. Day (Law’41)
Betty Lou Austin Knous (A&S’41)
Harold Punches (Hist’41)
Mary Erickson Hogsett (Nurs’42)
Geraldine “Jerry” Sallen Serafini (HomeEcon’42)
Charles W. Putman (A&S ex’43)
Harriet Miller Seibel (A&S ex’43)
James D. Ahrendt (CivEngr’45)
Suzanne Harl Stockmar (Jour ex’45)
Isabel Gore Harpel (A&S ex’46)
Janet Damon Watrous (Psych’47)
Robert D. Callard (CivEngr’48)
Charles F. Inglehart (MGeol’48)
Reese S. Kern (ChemEngr’48)
Robert James Ridenour (MD’49)
James Peter Boratgis (A&S’50)
Richard Brackenberry (MusEd’50)
Wardner B. Crockett (Mgmt’50)
R. Barry Hoag (ChemEngr’50)
Gene Stuart Peterson (ArchEngr’50)
Morris Schulman (MechEngr’50)
John F. Delander (Acct’51)
Albert L. Fullerton (MPhys’51)
William W. Graham (Fin, Mech Engr’51)
Eugene L. Keenan (ElecEngr, Mgmt’51)
Ronald H. “Ron” Rhode (Acct’51)
Patricia Jane Smith Simpkin (A&S ex’51)
Boyd M. Ferguson (Art’52)
Maurine Kilzer Gaddy (Mus’52)
Robert W. Parker (A&S’52)
Charles Leroy Pearson (A&S’52, MD’57)
Bevian C. St. Martin (Geol ex’52)
Floyd J. Mlady (Mktg’53)
Harvey C. Gerhard (Aero’55)
Joanie Sills Bashor Garber (A&S ex’56)
John Da Costa Meyer Jr. (Phys’56)
Margaret A. Pieper (MBusEdu’56)
R. B. McQuigg (MA’57, EdD’62)
Donald L. Keller (Acct’58)
Roger Burns LeFant (Mgmt’58)
Frank C. Wilcox (Geol’58)
Robert John Koerber (Anth’59)
Joan Whalen McQuigg (A&S’59)
Landis Laurelle Parsons (Mgmt’59)
Marian Evans Yount (MedTech’59)
James Gene Gamble (CivEngr’60)
Carolyn C. Johnson Hansen (A&S ex’60)
Doyle W. Bishop (A&S ex’61)
Burnis H. Burton (MMus’61)
Charles Edward Aull (PhDMath’62)
John A. Eddy (PhDAstro’62)
Sanford S. Jacobs (PhDChem’62)
Jamie Alex Tonkinson (ElecEngr, Mgmt’62)
Mark Edward Trucksess (A&S’62, MD’66)
Donald F. Clifford (Law’63)
Allen Travis Compton (Law’63)
Glenn Presser (MSIntPhys’63)
Lawrence Christiansen (Edu ex’64)
Philip Goldhammer (A&S’65, MD’69)
Tapan Kumar Dutta (MEngr ex’66)
John Robert Oliver (ElecEngr’67)
Kevin Brent Kirby (Bus ex’69)
Donald C. Kirkpatrick (MBA’69, PhD’76)
Michael James Romero (Edu’72)
Gregory Esser Franta (Arch’73)
Howard L. Setzer Jr. (MTeleCom’73)
John Lorin Anderson (ElecEngr’74, MS’76)
Paul Lucero (Mktg’76, MBA’81)
Brent D. Stiffler (Mktg’78)
Peter Alan Davenport (Geol’86)
Marcus Louis Martin (Art’87)
Mary Kathryn Ferguson (PolSci’89)
David Meredith Dodrill (MBA’95)
Vern Joseph Ostdiek (PhDAstro’95)
Catherine Elizabeth Nesbitt (Psych’98)
Paul Nicholas Lemmon (ElecEngr’03)
Conor Padraic McMahon (Mgmt’07)
Thomas W. Skinner (PolSci ex’10)
Ethan Townsend (PhDPhys ex’10)
Michael C. Tuthill (CompSci ex’10)
Jing Yin (PhDPhys ex’10)
Robert “Bobby” Charles Niebauer (Astro ex’11)

Faculty, staff & friends

Boulos Ayad Ayad, Anthropology
Carol Marie Scott Brockish, Wardenburg Student Health Center
John Holen Brody, Friend
Donna Lee Bussard, Greek Life
David M. Fagerstrom, Science Library
C. William “Bill” Fischer, Budget and Finance
Florence M. Grieder, University of Colorado Women’s Club
Leon Bernard Hupke, Facilities Management
Colleen Q. Kamprath (MD’67), Wardenburg Student Health Center
Casey Najera, Friend
Hugh Stewart, CU Festival Chorus
Carol Ann Watson, Administration, Environmental Studies
David Russell (A&S ex’04), Office of the Registrar
Eileen “Bette” Marie Shepherd, Staff

Correction: Lew Dymond Jr. (Econ’69) wrote to share that the December 2009 Coloradan reported he had died. He noted he is very much alive, living in Frisco, Colo., and in excellent health. In fact, he rides his bike about 2,000 miles a year, including 70 miles the week he received the aforementioned issue of the Coloradan. The Coloradan staff sincerely regrets this error and apologizes profusely.

To report a death, call 303-541-1290 or 888-287-2829, e-mail or write Record Processing, CU Foundation, P.O. Box 1140, Boulder, CO 80306. Please include date of death and other relevant info.