Published: Dec. 1, 2009

dolores plestedDolores N. Plested, 101, died November 11 at her home in Denver.

Born in Trinidad, Colo., in 1908, she was a graduate of the University of Colorado in 1931.

Plested had a long and successful career as a journalist, having lived in New York City where she worked for the New York Times and the New York Herald Tribune. After the outbreak of World War II, Plested returned to Colorado where she worked for Denver radio station KMYR, and later was the the western correspondent for Fairchild News Service, the umbrella organization for Women’s Wear Daily.

When President Dwight Eisenhower suffered a heart attack in Denver in 1955, Plested covered that event, and was one of two women who were members of the summer White House Press Corps during the Eisenhower administration. She also covered Jackie Kennedy when she and her family visited Colorado for a holiday skiing vacation in the early 1960s.

Plested was a member of the Denver Woman’s Press Club, and a member of Warren Methodist Church in Denver were she was a founder of Warren Village, a church sponsored home for women and their children in Denver. She was also a founder of the Friends of Historical Trinidad and the Mitchell Museum of Western Art in Trinidad.

She was a lifelong supporter of the CU Buffs football program.

Plested leaves many nieces and nephews and friends of all ages and walks of life.

Denver Woman’s Press Club website member page for Dolores Plested.