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There are numerous student-run organizations on the CU Boulder campus that provide unique opportunities to engage in public health activities with your peers.

Biostatistics and Public Health Club

What we do:

  • R Studio help sessions
  • Social hours
  • Physciology lab and lecture study sessions
  • Public Health speakers
  • Tips on getting involved in research
  • Career exploration
  • And more!

HEAL at CU (formerly GlobeMed CU Boulder)

a student-run organization that emphasizes the significance of public health in all settings: communally, nationally, and globally.

Mission: empower one another to fight for a world where global health and justice are possible for all. We volunteer with Boulder nonprofits, educate ourselves on social justice issues, and travel to Nepal as part of a summer internship to conduct public health research and service. We are partnered with Himalayan HealthCare, which is a grassroots non-profit that supports primary care and public health efforts in rural Nepal. Our long-term partnership helps us to gain a better understanding of the needs of the communities served by HHC and the way in which grassroots global health work happens. We place emphasis on sustainability and equity through the projects that the chapter supports.

HEAL is open to all students of any major – public health is interdisciplinary in its nature. We love to reflect that quality of public health through our own student population – anybody and everybody is welcome to participate in our organization! HEAL meets every Monday from 6:00 to 7:00 pm in Duane Physics room G2B41.

Health Outreach for Latin America (HOLA)

Mission: Since 2008, the HOLA Foundation has broadened its mission to provide integrated and sustainable health care solutions for developing countries in Latin America. HOLA continues to create acute care clinics and promote community health, but has expanded to provide veterinary care and various public health services. We are also committed to adapting our operations as we assess the communities we serve, always being flexible with our strategies to ensure our services align with needs of the people. By combining acute & chronic medical care, public health education, supplies, services, and veterinary operations, the HOLA Foundation is taking an integrated approach to health improvement in the developing world.

The Public Health Hub

Mission: The Public Health Hub is committed to forming a community of students to have interdisciplinary conversations about public health, sharing our knowledge about current public health developments, and applying our discussions to the campus and beyond. We welcome students from all disciplines who want to engage in safe and action driven discussions, hear from faculty and community members about their research and knowledge, and implement projects and campaigns. We hold meetings every Monday at 6:30pm in HLMS 185. If you have any questions, please reach out to publichealthhub@colorado.edu

Timmy Global Health at CU

Mission: Timmy Global Health at CU, a branch of the National Timmy Global Health, is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization and was founded in 2003. Each year, a dedicated group of CU students help raise medical supplies and funds for the communities we serve in Quito, Ecuador. At the end of May, a few students and medical professionals travel to Quito to participate in medical brigades in surrounding, underserved communities. We partner with an internal organization called La Foundacion Tierra Nueva. This partnership promotes the foundation's sustainability by continuing to support the health of the community in between brigades.

University of Colorado Boulder Global Brigades

Mission: The University of Colorado Boulder first established Global Brigades in 2009 through the implementation of a Medical Brigade. Year after year, Global Brigades at CU continues to grow and establish itself as a well-respected student group across campus and throughout the Boulder community. Currently, CU offers four of Global Brigade's eight programs: Medical, Dental, Public Health and Environmental. This upcoming 2015-2016 academic year, we hope to found a Water brigade to enhance CU's already fast growing Global Brigade's presence!