Access the Courses and Support You Need to Reach Your Goals

Enrolling as an individually designed post-baccalaureate student allows you to take courses alongside CU Boulder's undergraduate students as a nondegree student while still accessing our dedicated post-baccalaureate pre-health advising services. 

Key Features of the Individually Designed Post-Baccalaureate Approach: 

  • Noncompetitive application process: Applying to become an Individually Designed post-baccalaureate student at CU Boulder is quick, easy, and free. (No interview required.)
  • Enrollment flexibility: You may enroll in any upcoming start term (fall, spring, or summer) and follow a personalized coursework plan, taking classes as a full- or part-time student depending on your schedule. 
  • Course enrollment on a space-available basis: Nondegree students may enroll in CU Boulder's courses on a space-available basis. Our advisors can help you design a strategic term-by-term coursework plan, as informed by historic enrollment data.
  • Dedicated pre-health advising services: You have full access to our pre-health advising services. As soon as your application is processed and you are ready to enroll in courses, you may start working with our pre-health advisors, who will help you map out a strategic term-by-term coursework plan that fits your needs and who will help you make strategic choices throughout your pre-health preparation to help you become a competitive applicant to professional school.
  • Advising and enrollment support: Our academic advisors and enrollment specialists in Continuing Education provide you with dedicated logistical support while you take your courses as a nondegree student at CU Boulder.
  • Personal coaching on your written application materials for professional school: Pre-health advising includes expert 1:1 coaching on your personal statement and your experience descriptions.
  • Interview prep: In addition to offering individual mock interviews with detailed feedback and coaching, we also provide a series of workshops annually to help our students prepare for both traditional professional school interviews and Multiple Mini Interviews.
  • Thoughtfully designed and information-packed group meetings and special events designed for post-baccalaureate students held throughout the year: Full list on our Upcoming Events page.