This is an opportunity for Humanities graduate students, and members of the WHA or ASEH, to apply for assistance with dissertation prospectus writing and:

Work with Patty Limerick
Develop your understanding of Applied History Techniques
Earn a $350.00 stipend

Professor Limerick will give editing advice, one-on-one personal assistance, and offer applied history techniques and coaching.

Session One - Limerick will begin with suggestions for enhancing the dissertation’s contributions to scholarship and then shift to identifying the features and qualities of the research that connect the scholar with broader audiences.

Session Two - After the student has had sufficient time to think about the suggestions that emerged in the first session, Limerick and the student will lay out a tentative—but entirely plausible—action plan to maximize the visibility and impact of the planned research.

In addition, Rosenbloom Scholars may be invited to participate in a panel discussion at either WHA or ASEH's annual conference where they will describe their dissertation research and the strategies they have acquired to reach beyond the academy.

Applicants who successfully complete this program will be given preference for admission to the Mellon-Foundation-supported Center of the American West’s Summer Workshop in Applied History.

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