The CU Center for Research and Education Addressing Cannabis and Health (CU REACH) is a rigorous, multidisciplinary center that is devoted to the development of evidence based knowledge regarding the effects of Cannabis.  The ultimate objective of our research is to provide empirical data that will improve lives, in particular the lives of those who suffer from disease states that may be alleviated by Cannabis. Center faculty are diverse, examining the effects of Cannabis at the genetic, molecular, neural, behavioral, and dynamic social systems levels of analysis.  You can learn more by reading our academic futures white paper here.

Specific research questions are:

  • Can Cannabis play a positive role in solving the opiate epidemic?
  • Is Cannabis an effect approach to pain management?  And if so, in what forms and what doses?
  • What is the impact of Cannabis use in individuals with PTSD and other psychological disorders?
  • How is information about Cannabis spread through social systems? 
  • Deep characterization of cannabinoids and Cannabis plant genetics
  • Understand the risks and side effects of Cannabis -  which routes of administration, combination of cannabinoids, and doses are least risky?

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