On Demand and Upcoming Activities

Upcoming Activities

Contemplative practices may involve physical or emotional risk. Facilitators for sessions listed on the Contemplative Resource Center are CU Boulder faculty and staff, and they will do their best to create a safe environment for everyone. Participants are encouraged to regulate their own participation.   

Interested in getting involved? 

Are you an employee of CU Boulder who’s interested in offering a class or a one-time lecture on a practice or a topic that has a contemplative orientation? If so, please submit a proposal online.

These projects would be unpaid and considered to be part of your work for the University. Please let your up-line know that you are interested so that your regular work duties will not be impacted. This is an opportunity for our campus community to come together to meet a need in the spirit of service work. It may also enliven you professionally and help you feel more connected and part of the solutions here at CU Boulder. We are looking for secular practices and practitioners that will meet the need of a wide range of abilities and orientations.