Required Course CEES/HIST 1626 Intro to Central and Eastern European History to 1770 

Examines major themes and events in the history of East-Central Europe from the late 1700s to the present. Themes include the impacts of nationalism, fascism, liberal democracy, and communism in shaping the history of the region. Topics include World War I, World War II and the Holocaust, the Cold War, the fall of Communism, the Ukrainian revolution, and more. Same as HIST 1626. Approved for GT-SS3. Approved for arts and sciences core requirement: historical context.

Other Courses in Central and East European Studies

The courses listed in the Classes tab are those which are expected to be offered regularly. Students interested in counting other courses toward the certificate should consult the Program Director. Please be sure to consult with the Director, or with other faculty members of the Program's Steering Committee, before beginning your last semester at CU to be sure you will be able to complete requirements.