Tim Magee
Operations Research Analyst

Tim Magee has 30 years of experience in optimization, including reservoir optimization at CADSWES since 1993. His expertise is in the theory and application of linear programming, integer programming, goal programming and stochastic programming. Tim has Mathematics and Chemical Engineering degrees from MIT and is a candidate for a PhD in operations research from MIT. He has taught operations and graduates statistics courses.

Tim designed the optimization and hydropower economics components in RiverWare, and he has worked closely with reservoir operators to apply optimization to their soft constraints and multiple objectives. Tim has also developed new stochastic optimization approaches and hydro-wind integration models. He worked with a team to design an Excel add-in that allows a user to slice and aggregate data, choose from a wide variety of statistics and plot the results quickly.

Tim has also optimized unit commitment of power plants, environmental investments, risk-return portfolios of education investments, asset allocation for pension plans, multinational financial flows, telecommunication infrastructure, satellite constellation configurations and physicians schedules. Some of these applications required novel formulations or cutting planes and used Excel as a user interface to other programs.