By Timothy Magee, Edith A. Zagona and Donald Frevert. Published in the Proceedings of the ASCE World Water & Environmental Resource Congress, Orlando, FL, 2001.

Abstract: Operational management of multiobjective river and reservoir systems is facilitated by RiverWare’s operational policy modeling features. Rulebased simulation is solved by executing user-specified prioritized rules that are easily created, examined and modified in a syntax-directed graphical editor. The rulebased simulation run analysis utility shows exactly how each policy influenced releases, flows and elevations during the simulation. An optimization solution using pre-emptive linear goal programming is driven by a set of prioritized goals input by the user. Each goal is an objective or a set of constraints on the system; the goals are satisfied in priority order. The Optimization Analysis Tool shows how each goal influenced the optimal solution. Some applications of these tools to real-world problems are described by other papers in this session.