cover of RiverWare 7.0 Release Notes

RiverWare Version 7.0 Available

CADSWES is the home of RiverWare , and a new release is now available. RiverWare version 7.0 is the latest release and can be downloaded from the RiverWare website for our current users. If you are interested in more information about RiverWare or making a purchase, please contact us. Some...

waterway in Colombo, Sri Lanka

RiverWare Training in Sri Lanka, 2016

The Mahaweli Water Security Investment Program (MWSIP) of the Ministry of Mahaweli Development & Environment in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is going to be using RiverWare to manage their new water balance model that Lahmeyer International has begun developing for them. David Neumann went to Colombo, Sri Lanka, in December, 2016,...

CEATI global participant map

Tim Magee and Mitch Clement at CEATI Conference

Tim Magee and Mitch Clement attended the Centre for Energy Advancement through Innovation (CEATI) Hydropower Workshop: “ Optimizing Hydropower Operations – Mathematical Modelling Tools .” Tim gave a presentation, “ RiverWare Optimization ” and participated in a presentation with TVA and Riverside Technology, Inc., “ The Challenges of System-Wide Operations...

power point presentation slide for RiverWare presentation at the workshop

Tim Magee Presents at Joint DOE and European Commission Workshop

Tim Magee attended the workshop “ Understanding the Water-Energy Nexus: Integrated Water and Power System Modelling ” organized jointly by the European Commission and the U.S. Department of Energy(DOE) on September 28–29, 2016 at the Joint Research Centre’s Laboratories in Ispra, Italy. The two-day event focused on sharing scenarios, case...

Bonneville Power Administration logo

RiverWare Goes Live at Bonneville Power Administration

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) is a nonprofit federal power marketing administration based in the Pacific Northwest. As of September 13, 2016, they have successfully operationalized the HERMES IT infrastructure system, officially used for modeling the Federal Columbia River Power System . RiverWare is the modeling tool used in this system...

Bureau of Reclamation Imperial Dam and desilting projects

Grad Students Join CADSWES With Reclamation Pathways Program

The Bureau of Reclamation hired two MS students from the CEAE Water Resources program as trainees in the Bureau of Reclamation Pathways Program . Elliot Alexander and Conor Felletter will assist Reclamation technical staff stationed at CADSWES with ongoing Colorado River Basin planning studies and will also undertake research for...

aerial view of a portion of the Colorado River

2016 RiverWare User Group Meeting

Over 100 members of the global RiverWare community shared modeling applications and discussed new and upcoming enhancements. The meeting was held Aug. 23–24, 2016, in Boulder, Colorado.

map of Vakhsh River

Vakhsh River System Operators From Tajikistan Train at CADSWES, 2016

Two river system operation professionals from Barqi Tojik, the agency that operates the Vakhsh River, and a project manager from Manitoba Hydro International trained at CADSWES, July 25–29, 2016. They arranged a private class to learn how to use RiverWare for operating their system and began to develop a model...

logo for National Canadian conference

Canadian Water Resources Association Conference

David Neumann attended the 69th National CWRA conference in Montreal, May 25 - 27, 2016. He gave a presentation on " Decision support systems on the upper Rio Grand basin using RiverWare ". The Rio Grande is the longest river in southwestern North America, and along its 1900-mile route it...

Presenters discussing RiverWare market assessment

RiverWare Market Assessment Presented in Annual CU CleanTech Presentation

RiverWare, the CADSWES created and supported river modeling software, was one of five University of Colorado inventions presented at the annual CU CleanTech Market Assessment Program (MAP) luncheon and poster session. The program concludes months of financial and market analysis to determine the feasibility of commercializing each of the inventions...