By Jose D. Salas, Donald Frevert, Jeffrey Rieker, David King, Steffen Meyer, William Lane and Edith Zagona. Published in theProceedings of the ASCE World Water and Environmental Resource Congress, Orlando, FL, 2001.

Abstract: In water resources planning and management, stochastic modeling and simulation of hydrologic time series has been widely used for various purposes including decision making and project assessment. Examples include reservoir capacity determination, hydraulic structure reliability evaluation, and irrigation system evaluation under uncertain water deliveries (Salas et al, 1980; Loucks et al, 1981).
In recent years, a new computer package called SAMS (Stochastic Analysis Modeling and Simulation) has been developed by Colorado State University with support from the US Bureau of Reclamation. As its name implies, SAMS provides a variety of capabilities in the areas of Stochastic Modeling, Analysis and Simulation. It is, in many respects, an expansion and an update of the widely used LAST stochastic hydrology package which was originally developed by Dr. William L. Lane of the Bureau of Reclamation in 1978 and 1979. The current version of the SAMS software is called SAMS 2000.

The current paper addresses the capabilities, features and applications of SAMS 2000.