5 Egyptian visitors along with Mitch Clement, David Neumann and Edie Zagona

A delegation of five high ranking professionals from the Nile Water Sector, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in Egypt visited CADSWES on May 15, during their trip to the United States for the project “Climate Change Impact on Egypt’s Water Scarcity.” The goal was to gain information on ways to negotiate challenges they are facing in their water management community. They had previously learned of uses of our RiverWare software tools and were excited for the opportunity to come to CADSWES and meet with Dr. Edith Zagona and learn more. Mitch Clement, David Neumann, and Edie Zagona gave them presentations about potential tool uses.

The US visit was organized by the Department of State and the Boulder Council for International Visitors (BCIV), who provided them with international liaisons/interpreters.

Delegation members:

Mr. Alaaeldin Mabrouk KOTB, Meteorologist, Nicle Forecasting Centre

Mr. Mohamed Khaled MEHANNA, Senior Engineer

Mr. Amgad Salaheldin MOHAMED, Senior Engineer

Mr. Mostafa Ahmed SAYED, Assistant Minister for Nile Water

Ms. Sara Mohamed ZOURIQ, Technical Officer