computer screenshot of new "Snapshot Manager options available highlightedWe are excited to announce the latest release of RiverWare and RiverSmart, version 9.2.

Highlights of this new release include:

  • Increased flexibility for SCT conditional formatting
  • Easier display of Snapshots in SCTs and plots
  • Functionality to apply Snapshot values back to the source slots
  • Improved visualization of Ensemble Data Sets
  • Easily add and edit Series Slot Notes directly from the Slot Viewer and SCT
  • Optionally raise the Diagnostics Output for RPL Notice, Warning, or Alert messages
  • New options to execute subscript actions
  • More control over fonts and text color in plots
  • New Water Year summary options on Statistical Table Slots
  • Additional options for model locking and auto-save on the Quick Start window
  • Many bug and issue fixes


Please see the Release Notes for more information on changes in 9.2.