We are excited to announce the newest release of RiverWare and RiverSMART, version 9.0.Web map view in RiverWare, zoomed in on a model of Klamath Falls

Highlights of this new release include:

  • Bundling of RiverSMART in the RiverWare installation; RiverSMART is automatically installed with RiverWare!
  • In RiverWare, a brand-new Web Map View shows objects on a dynamic map.
  • A new Quick Start dialog assists in loading models and other files when opening RiverWare.
  • A dockable Run Control Panel helps start/stop/pause runs from the workspace.
  • Improved RPL Copy/Paste across sessions.
  • A new tool to export and import slots.
  • A new DIT Database DMI Dataset.
  • Overall improvements to fonts, especially for Windows 11.
  • Updates to many external libraries and the inclusion of OpenSSL in the installation.
  • Many bug and issue fixes.

Please see the Release Notes for more information on changes in 9.0.                                               An example of the new Web Map View in RiverWare, zoomed in on a model of the Klamath Falls basin.