We are pleased to announce the newest RiverWare release, version 8.4 is now available.cover of release 8.4 notes
Highlights of this new RiverWare release include:
  • A new Window Layout Manager to save and reload the size and position of many RiverWare windows.
  • Improved Git integration - the Model and RPL Set Comparison Tools can now directly access models and RPL sets from a commit in a Git repository.
  • The ability to limit the precision of values exported by Database DMIs.
  • New timestep range specification in Control File-Executable DMIs.
  • Multiple levels of Execute Script actions (i.e. sub-scripts) in the Script Manager.
  • Many usability improvements to the Script Editor and Dashboard.
  • Improved functionality when moving or copying groups of slots.
  • Many bug and issue fixes.
See the Release Notes for more information about the release or look at the RiverWare help system.
For more information about RiverWare, check out our Creative Works page or email rwlicense@lists.colorado.edu