AGU website collageThe American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting was December 13 - 17 in New Orleans, Louisiana or online. A diverse community of scientists, students, journalists, policymakers, organizations, educators and others, shared scientific findings and identified innovative solutions. Networked with government regulators, scientific visionaries and industry leaders.

Several CADSWES research projects were presented durring the week. The abstracts and authoring  information are incuded in the links below.

Nathan Bonham, PhD candidate, presented "Retroactive and Future Vulnerability of Lake Mead Operating Policies to Uncertainty in Water Supply, Demand and Storage" December 16. Abstract .

David Woodson, PhD candidate, presented "How unprecedented is the current Colorado River drought? - a paleo perspective"  December 14 Abstract , as well as a virtual poster session "Stochastic Decadal Projections of Colorado River Streamflow and Reservoir Pool Elevations Conditioned on Temperature Projections" December 17. Abstract .