image of the cover of the Release 8.3 note pdf.CADSWES is pleased to announce the newest RiverWare release, version 8.3, is now available.

Highlights of this new RiverWare release include:

A new Scalar Data Viewer as the default way to interact with scalar slots.

  • Undo and redo of data edits on the SCT.
  • Many improvements to the Model Comparison Tool including better filtering and display of results.
  • A new Ensemble Data Tool and associated script actions for MRM ensemble analysis.
  • New Web Service DMI Site Maps and use of a more secure version of Open SSL.
  • Functionality to use loaded RPL Sets in MRM.
  • New RPL message operators and better display of lists in the debugger.
  • More compact display of scripts and groups in the workspace Scripts menu.

Please see the Release Notes for more information.

For more information about RiverWare, check out our Creative Works page or email