RiverWare 8.2 Release Notes title pageCADSWES is pleased to announce the newest RiverWare release, version 8.2, is now available.

Highlights of this new RiverWare release include:

  • A new web service DMI dataset that imports data from HDB, USGS, or CWMS web services.
  • Improved time-range filtering, navigation and scrolling within the model comparison tool.
  • Enhanced plotting axis specification and zooming.¬†
  • Changes to the output canvas to improve flow line thresholds specification.
  • Improved display of priority on RPL dialogs and the SCT.
  • Many new and improved script actions.
  • Enhanced script usability, including duplicating a script, copy and paste of script actions, executing select script actions and new action descriptions.
  • A new filtering tool on the workspace object list.

Please see the Release Notes for more information.

For more information about RiverWare, check out our Creative Works page or email rwlicense@lists.colorado.edu