screenshot capture of the confrence programCADSWES and CEAE collaborators contributed several presentations to the 10th iEMSs Conference, September 14-18, 2020, in Brussels, Belgium. The conference is sponsored by the International Environmental Modelling and Software Society. The presenters and their presentations (and authors) included: 

Mitch Clement: Complex Hydro-policy Modeling with RiverWare for Collaborative Multi-objective River System and Hydropower Planning and Operations (Clement and Zagona)

Nathan Bonham: Evaluation of Scenario Discovery Methods for Multi-Reservoir System Planning (Bonham, Kasprzyk, Zagona)

Joe Kasprzyk:  Improving Interpretability of Multi-Objective Tradeoff Sets for Environmental Systems (Kasprzyk, Smith, Raseman, Jacobson, Balaji)

Multiobjective Optimization to Support Long-term Water Treatment Planning (Kasprzyk, Raseman)

Using Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms and RiverWare for Generating Robust Lake Mead Operating Policies Kasprzyk, Elliot, Zagona, Smith, Prairie, Jerla, Butler