cover page of release 8.1 NotesCADSWES just announced the new RiverWare version 8.1.

The highlights of this release include:

  • Undo and redo of slot data edits
  • Improved model and RPL set comparison, including a copy properties tool for merging
  • Ability to continue MRM runs after individual runs stop, and ability to save a model after the individual run
  • Enhancements to RiverWISE to support using periodic slots and datetime unit slots, editing scalar values using buttons and exporting results to Excel
  • Automatic execution of a group of scripts when the model loads
  • Display of multiple Slot Viewers, one per timestep size
  • New tools to improve windowing, including many Show Workspace buttons and new RPL Viewer and Slot Viewer buttons on the workspace
  • Improved SCT documentation

Important note: We have changed the convergence criteria on groundwater elevation and aquifer head slots. Groundwater and aquifer results may differ in RiverWare version 8.1. The elevation/head should now track directly with the storage slot; any change in storage results in a change in elevation/head.

Please see the Release Notes for more information.

For more information about RiverWare, check out our Creative Works page, or email us .