group photo 10/1 of people in attnedance outside CADSWES office at CINC building, Boulder CO

On October 1–2, 2019, Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Brenda Burman and other Reclamation officials visited CADSWES. CADSWES had the opportunity to review the history of the CADSWES-Reclamation collaborative research and development program that began in 1988 and since then has resulted in scientific, software and decision-making innovations and many graduates who are now outstanding leaders in Reclamation and other water management agencies.

A meet-and-greet lunch event included CU faculty R&D collaborators CADSWES Director Edie Zagona, CEAE Chair Balaji Rajagopalan and Professor Joe Kasprzyk, as well as current graduate students and CADSWES researchers and staff.