Colorado River near Blythe CA with accounting verbage text boxesThe most recent Water Accounting in RiverWare class was held online, May 12–15, 2020. The Introduction to Simulation and the Rulebased Simulation training or the Accelerated Combined class are prerequisites.

The Water Accounting in RiverWare class provides an introduction to modeling water ownership, water type and water rights using RiverWare's Water Accounting solution approach. This will allow you to track both the physical water and the “paper” water. This class requires a basic understanding of the simulation and rulebased simulation techniques.

The course includes:

  • Conceptual Overview of Accounting in RiverWare: Presentation     
  • Running an Existing Accounting Model: Tutorial          
  • How Accounting Works: Presentation      
  • Building an Accounting Model: Tutorial      
  • Accounting with Rulebased Simulation: Presentation     
  • Developing Rules for Accounting: Tutorial     
  • Accounting Utilities: Demonstration and Discussion     
  • Exchanges: Presentation and Tutorial     
  • Water Rights Allocation: Presentation     
  • Building a Water Rights Allocation Model: Group Exercise and Tutorial

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The Introduction to Simulation class and the Rulebased Simulation class are prerequisites. Send us an email if you have questions.