New RiverWare Release 7.5


cover of the 7.5 release notesHighlights of this new release include:

  • A new DMI connection to Excel where Excel doesn't open in the background. This new behavior is the default, but the old connection is still available.
  • A new browser based Documentation system.
  • In the Model Comparison Tool, Links and DMI configurations are now compared.
  • New RPL RoundToFactor predefined function.
  • Addition of a script action to Open File.
  • Modification to the Set Slot Value script actions to set the slot to the result of a RPL function.
  • New Alt Units button on slots and SCTs to toggle between flows and volumes.
  • Modifications to the workspace including a new compact mode, improvements to the toolbar, and an operation to Send Workspace to Back of other dialogs.
  • Improvements to the TableLookup RPL predefined function.


Please see the Release Notes for more information.