RiverWare version 7.2 is available to downloadRiverWare logo and pic of wind and hydropower operations

Some of the highlights of this new release include:

  • New Slot Viewer for easy viewing of multiple series slots.
  • New RPL Viewer for improved usability of RPL editor dialogs.
  • Enhanced Script Dashboard progress indicators.
  • A new Slot Set utility that allows you to create static or dynamic sets of slots for use in various locations in RiverWare.
  • The initial release of RiverWISE, the RiverWare Interactive Scenario Explorer. This free tool will allow stakeholders to view an exported version of a RiverWare model and to run and explore alternative scenarios within constraints specified by the model developer. Note, RiverWISE is available for use by model developers; the separate Stakeholder version will be available soon.
  • Improved Groundwater methods to link groundwater objects to a reservoir and to prevent negative storage.
  • Functionality to show Output Canvas Flow Lines on workspace views.
  • The middle mouse button can be used to pan the workspace.
  • Many bug fixes.

Read the Release Notes for more detailed information.