AGU Fall meeting logoSeveral people from CADSWES went to the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans, December 11–15, 2017.

Tim Magee presented "Optimizing Water Use and Hydropower Production in Operational Reservoir System Scheduling with RiverWare" on Thursday 12/14 at 9:45 am. Edith Zagona is co-author. They are also co-authors with Measrainsey Meng (USC), Jordan Macknick (NREL), Vincent Tidwell (Sandia NL), and Katrina Bennett and Richard Middleton (Los Alamos NL) on a poster session "High-resolution integration of water, energy, and climate models to assess electricity grid vulnerabilities to climate change"  on Wednesday, Dec. 13.

Graduate student Elliot Alexander had a poster session on his research "Using Multi-Objective Optimization to Explore Robust Policies in the Colorado River Basin" on Wednesday, Dec. 13.

Rebecca Smith presented her PhD research "Using multiobjective tradeoff sets and Multivariate Regression Trees to identify critical and robust decisions for long term water utility planning" on Wednesday, Dec. 13 at 11:20.

PhD candidate Sarah Baker had a poster session "New watershed-based climate forecast products for hydrologists and water managers" on Monday, Dec. 11.

Many others from CU Boulder will be at the meeting. You can browse the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting here.