CADSWES is the home of RiverWare, and a new release is now available. RiverWare version 7.0 is the latest release and can be downloaded from the RiverWare website for our current users. If you are interested in more information about RiverWare or making a purchase, please contact us. Some of the highlights of the new release include:

  • The Excel Database DMI now supports Table, Periodic, and Scalar Slots.
  • Custom slots can be added to any object.
  • The new RPL Set Comparison Tool allows you to compare two RPL sets and identify differences.
  • RPL editing is more intuitive and user friendly.
  • The plot utility was modified to remove the Save approach and replace it with a Plot Page Editor and Plot Page.
  • Plotting now supports flexible time axis scaling.
  • Output Canvas and Script Management have many new features.
  • Salinity methods were added to the Water User to work with Soil Moisture modeling.
  • Video file generation for Chart animation is now supported.

The RiverWare 7.0 Release Notes is available.