A Successful Event!collage of pictures from moments throughout the UGM

This year's meeting was held August 23 and 24, at the University Corporation Atmospheric Research Center Green Auditorium  (UCAR) here in Boulder, CO. It was attended by over 100 people from various groups, including federal, state and local water management agencies, utilities, research institutions, consultants and the CADSWES Research & Development team. This was another valuable meeting for both the R&D team and the user community, to provide information about new and upcoming capabilities of RiverWare, see actual modeling applications being performed by other users, and discuss possible enhancements. This year there were 17 presentations by various users in the RiverWare community as well as many from the R&D team. Each approximately 15 minutes in length with the opportunity for attendees to ask questions after. A list of presentations and attendees are available at the RiverWare website. 

The RiverWare User Group Meeting (UGM) is one of the most important events CADSWES holds. It is typically held on a sesquiennial basis to maximize the information exchanged with attendees. It runs all day the first day and 1/2 day on day 2.  It is a great opportunity for us to see what people are doing with our DSS tools and make plans for future development.

Then next RiverWare UGM is scheduled for February 1 & 2, 2018. More information and registration details will be available later in 2017. Add your email address to the announcement list UGM List