"The James Stanley [Stan] Brakhage collection of the archives of Norlin Library at the University of Colorado, Boulder,  is probably the most extensive and best organized deposit of an avant-garde filmmaker’s paper in the United States.  There are collections of his juvenilia, letters to his mother from summer camp, school essays, poems and stories. From 1960 until his death he seems to have thrown nothing away and to have made copies of nearly all the letters he wrote. He corresponded with many filmmakers (Kenneth Anger, Jonas Mekas,  Ernie Gehr, Ken Jacobs,  Joseph Cornell ...) and poets (Ed Dorn, Robert Creeley, Robert Kelly, Guy Davenport,  et al.) Apparently from the intimacy of the correspondence he held little or nothing back when he sold the papers. Future biographers will find a treasure trove, including complete financial records, even his traffic tickets! Furthermore, the librarians of the archive make the papers easily accessible." 
-P. Adams Sitney 
Professor of Visual Arts in the Lewis Center for the Arts, Princeton University

Numerous images from the  and other collections help document the photographic legacy of experimental film and media arts. The Brakhage Center and Archives also are currently scanning these unique images for research and education.

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Brakhage and friend

Brakhage  in car