The Center seeks to document and preserve the legacy of experimental film and media arts. In so doing, our aim is to establish a national and international locus for study, research, and teaching. In pursuit of this mission, the Center is engaged in major collecting initiatives to preserve, promote, and make available the papers and works of notable experimental film-makers, media artists, and writers. Media from these collections will be posted here as they are added to the Archives.

We believe the preservation of this material is urgent. Many of the pioneers of experimental film are beginning to pass on. We consider it imperative that their work be preserved for future generations of artists, researchers, and others. We also believe that the significance of these and more contemporary collections will be enhanced if they are centrally located in one place that is devoted exclusively to their preservation, research, and educational use.

As part of this enterprise, the Center arranges specific programming around the collections to promote and explore the legacies of leading artists as well as advance academic and public education and research. This programming aims to bring these artistic collections to life by means of thematic symposia, conferences, film screenings, exhibitions, and other activities. We also endeavor to create digital humanities projects surrounding these materials that feature significant artists and their work, contextualized by scholarly essays, images, audio recordings, and other materials. Moreover, it is our belief that these collections will serve as the basis for the creative works of future generations of experimental artists.

We welcome you to join our efforts to preserve the legacy of experimental film and media arts. We are committed to making these materials broadly available for education and research before they are irretrievably lost. Our Center is based on the papers and film of Stan Brakhage, the internationally renowned experimental film maker. For information on the Brakhage collection, see “Collections and Resources.”




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