NIH trainees - Summary

  • Average time to degree                                             5.8 years
  • Percentage of past trainees graduated with PhD          91%
  • Percentage of past trainees graduated with MS             9%
  • Percentage of past trainees left with no degree              0%

Past NIH trainees - Representative outcomes

Principal Investigator & Group Leader, U.  Edinburgh, Welcome Trust Research Career Development Fellow, 2012

Scientist at FDA, Division of Therapeutic Proteins; Excellence in Mentoring Award 2014

Research Scientist, Biological Technologies, Genentech, San Francisco

Research Chemist, Queen’s Center for Biomedical Research

Senior Research Scientist, FEI Co; Adjunct Professor, Oregon Health Sciences Center

Senior Research Associate with Doug Rees, Caltech/HHMI

Director of Technology & Founding Partner, Quantitative Scientific Solutions, Washington DC

Research Scientist, Eli Lilly Corp., Indianapolis

Biophysicist with Nanysys, Inc., Milpitas, CA

Assistant Prof., Dept. of  Physics and BioFrontier Institute, U of Colorado, Boulder

Industry - Software Engineer, Markit, Boulder, CO

Staff Scientist, Virocyt, Inc., Boulder, CO 

Research Analyst, Biodesix, Boulder, CO

Postdoc with Patrick Cramer, Ludwig Maximillian University,  Munich

Senior Scientist, Twist Bioscience, San Francisco

Postdoc with Brenda Bass, U of Utah

Research and Development Scientist, PRAAN Biosciences, Boulder, CO

Medical Writer, Envision Pharma, Guildford, United Kingdom

Assistant Professor at U. of Washington

Professional Research Assoc. with Ryan Gill, U of Colorado

Biometrics Instructor, Navmar Applied Science Corp., Warvminster, PA

Principal Scientist with Heprotech Biotech, Cambridge, MA

Postdoc with William Old, U of Colorado

Postdoc with Don Engelman, Yale U

Postdoc with  Gaudenz Donuser, UT Southwestern

Senior Research Scientist at Bend Research, Bend, OR

Research Scientist, Early Discovery Immunology Division, AbbVie Corp., Worcester, MA

Postdoc with Professor Robert Langer, MIT

Postdoc with Anna Pyle, Yale U.

Associate Dir. Miramontes Arts & Sciences Program, Post-doc with Mark Hernandez, CU Boulder

Consultant with GlobeImmune Targeted Moleculary Therapy, Louisville, CO

Research Assistant, Dan Herschalg Lab, Stanford University

Continuing PhD program at Weill Cornell Medical College with Christopher Lima

SomaLogic, Inc. Scientist 1 - Bioinformatics, Boulder, CO

Plant and Quality Manager at Foremother Foods, Longmont, CO

CU trainees - Summary

  • Average time to degree                                             5.7 years
  • Percentage of past trainees graduated with PhD          80%
  • Percentage of past trainees graduated with MS            16%
  • Percentage of past trainees left with no degree              4%

Past CU trainees - Representative outcomes

Senior Scientist - Computational Biology at Muse Biotechnology Inc.

Software  Developer with Epic Systems

Postdoc at the Max Planck Institute in Dresden (starting Feb 2017)

Senior Scientist at AvidBiotics, San Francisco

Research Scientist, Genentech, Dir. Of Protein Chemistry & Manufacturing, The Garles Gates Biomanufacturing Facility

Associate Director Business Development, X-Chem, Inc. Boston

Postdoc at the University of Texas, Austin—Department of Molecular Biosciences

Athletic career - ultramarathoner

Research Scientist, Genentech, Dir. of Protein Chemistry & Biomanufacturing, G. Gates Facility

PhD/MD degree, Residency in bone marrow transplant/leukemia treatment, Madison

Postdoc at University of Zurich

Assistant Professor of Teaching and Director of Chemistry Center, Wake Forest University 

Postdoc at University of Colorado School of Medicine

Asst. Professor, Texas Tech University

Research & Development Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology - Senior Researcher

Ph.D student in Integrated Physiology at UC Denver

Director of Protein Chemistry and Manufacturing, BaroFold, Inc.

Postdoc at U of Colorado, Boulder

Assoc. Director, Process and Analytical Development, Juno Therapeutics

Research Scientist at Moderna Therapeutics

Owner & Principal Writer, PGT Medical 7 Scientific Writing

Postdoc Researcher at Oxford University

Senior Design Engineer at Magswitch Technology, Denver

High school science teacher, Math for America Fellow, New York