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Left to right, starting at top left: 1) Structural model of the Tsr-CheA-CheW chemosensory signaling complex (A. Miller & J. Falke); 2) X-ray structure of ArnA (P. Gatzeva-Topalova & M. Sousa); 3) Two regulatory Ca(II) ions bound to the membrane-targeting C2 domain of cytosolic phospholipase A2  (E. Nalefski & J. Falke); 4) Overlay of conserved OB fold found in the Cdc13-dead-box-domain (Mitton-Fry & D. Wuttke); 5) Sentry glutamate residue guarding the PIP3 binding pocket in GRP1 PH domain (C. Pilling, K. Landgraf & J. Falke); 6) X-ray structure of bacterial chaperone (C. Sandoval & M. Sousa) 7) Image of protein-lipid complex (M. Stowell et al) 8) Structure of an amino-terminal fragment of human telomerase reverse transcriptase (S. Jacobs, E.R. Podell, T.R. Cech) 9) Molecular model of the human mediator-RNA Pol II-TFIIF assembly (C. Bernecky, P. Grob, C. Ebmeier, E. Nogales, D. Taatjes)