Headshot Julia Moriarty
Assistant Professor (January 2020)


Transport of sediment and nutrients in the coastal ocean; Coupled numerical modeling

Transport of sediment and associated nutrients in the coastal ocean impacts society by affecting: (1) carbon and nutrient cycling; (2) geomorphic change and coastal flooding; and (3) our interpretation of the geologic record. Yet, movement of material can be difficult to predict because of the many processes that affect it, causing it to vary in time and space. My research focuses on developing and using numerical models to increase our understanding of, and ability to quantify, sediment and nutrient transport. I work in a variety of coastal environments, including estuaries and continental shelves. Research questions focus on understanding temporal and spatial variability, as well as the extent to which different processes affect sediment and nutrient transport in the coastal ocean.

I am recruiting students for my research group. Please e-mail me if interested.