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Title: A new look at old air in the stratosphere: Radiocarbon production and transport to the troposphere

Abstract: The redistribution of 14CO2 from atmospheric nuclear weapons testing has long been used to quantify the inventories, residence times, and gross fluxes of carbon in and between the stratosphere, troposphere, oceans, soils, plants and other reservoirs. Now, five decades after the Limited Test Ban Treaty restricted above-ground nuclear weapons detonations, the natural cosmogenic 14C production rate and the rates and details of radiocarbon transport to the troposphere are predicted to play an increasingly important role relative to the bomb radiocarbon input in studies of surface radiocarbon and its redistribution there, and the use of atmospheric observations to infer regional 14C-depleted fossil fuel emissions. In this talk, I will focus on measurements of 14CO2 in stratospheric air samples collected between 1997 and 2013 and show how we use these new observations to empirically estimate the global annual mean production rate of 14C by cosmic rays and the net 14CO2 flux from the stratosphere to the troposphere useful for carbon cycle studies, as well as to monitor stratospheric residence times to see if they are changing in response to a predicted acceleration of the Brewer-Dobson Circulation as the climate warms.

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Fall 2017: Alex Hall, UCLA

"Emergent constraints and the future of climate model evaluation"


Spring 2017: Susan Lozier, Duke University

"A 21st century look at the global ocean conveyor belt"

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Fall 2016: Cecilia Bitz, University of Washington

"Tracking the aerial hydrologic cycle through climate change and variability"


Spring 2016: Lorenzo Polvani, Columbia University

"Stratospheric Ozone and Southern Hemisphere Climate Change"

Peter Webster

Fall 2015: Peter Webster, Georgia Institute of Technology

"Understanding the Monsoon"

Spring 2015: Mark Cane, Columbia University

"Climate and Conflict"

Spring 2015: Detlef Stammer, U. of Hamburg

"Influence of Ocean Dynamics on Future Regional Sea-Level Projections "

Fall 2014: Kerry Emanuel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Radiative-Convective Equilibrium and its Instability: Implications for Weather and Climate"

Spring 2014: Sarah Gille, U. of California SanDiego / Scripps Institution of Oceanography

"Climate Change in the Southern Ocean: Exploring the Role of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current"

Fall 2013: Robert A. Houze, U. of Washington

"Global Variability of Intense Convection"