Aysegul Aydin

Associate Professor

Political Science

Project: Students as Stakeholders in Course Content [pdf]

Sandrine Vandermarliere

Assistant Teaching Professor • 1st Year French Language Coordinator


Project: Online French Textbook Improving Engagement and Achievement of 21-st Century Students [pdf]

Artifact: Preliminary Online Textbook [website]

Jack S. Damico

Professor • Chair

Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Teresa Foley

Teaching Professor of Distinction • Associate Chair of Undergraduate Affairs

Integrative Physiology

Project: Three-Year Student Learning Assessment Plan in Integrative Physiology [pdf]

Reina Callier

Instructor • Latin Program Coordinator


Project: Latin Canvas Exercises [pdf]

Ruth Heisler

Teaching Associate Professor

Integrative Physiology

Project: Supporting student success from start to finish….and beyond [pdf]

Jeffrey A. Chadwick

Teaching Assistant Professor

College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program

Annette de Stecher

Assistant Professor, Critical Museology, Visual Arts of America • Associate Chair for Art History

Art History

Project Description: ARTH 4929: Museums in the 21C Podcast [pdf]

Project Artifacts: Podcasts by students Sheri Binkly and Nick Nemeth