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In this edition of ASSETT Insight, we turn the lens on our newsletter. The ASSETT newsletter is published two to three times per semester. It is a digital publication distributed via email to all Arts & Sciences faculty, including GPTIs (graduate part-time instructors). Staff, community partners, and other stakeholders may request to be added to the distribution list by contacting Joy Adams. Past issues of the newsletter are archived on our website.

Since summer 2018, ASSETT has conducted an annual survey of engaged A&S faculty to helps us improve the delivery and quality of our programs and services. ("Engaged faculty" include any participants in our offerings and services during the previous three academic years.) In 2019, 44 faculty representing departments from across the College of Arts & Sciences responded to the survey from a pool of 149 invitees. Here's what they had to say about our newsletter:


65% read the newsletter at least once per semester

Every issue	28.30% Once or twice a semester	37.00% Once or twice a year	15.20% Less than once or twice a year	8.70% I’ve never read the newsletter	10.90%

Structural factors limit readership

Among reasons cited for not reading the newsletter more often, 86% of responses refer to factors beyond ASSETT's control, such as a lack of time and competing demands. As one respondent explained: "I think ASSETT is doing all it can -- everything is visually attractive and appealing, without extra information and without harassing faculty too frequently. I think faculty are just busy and preoccupied."

It gets buried in my email in-box.	27% I intend to read it, but sometimes forget to do so.	21% I receive too many newsletters in general.	21% I'm too busy with other priorities.	18% I don't receive the newsletter.	3% I get the information from another source.	3% The content doesn't interest me.	3% I receive too much communication from ASSETT.	1% The content is not timely.	1%

Do you have ideas about how we can communicate with you more effectively? Do you have story ideas or content for the newsletter? If so, please send us an email!


About this column

ASSETT Insights is an occasional column that presents data collected from our most important source: YOU! In each edition, we share insights from A&S faculty about the effectiveness and impact of ASSETT intiatives, programs, and services.