Published: May 2, 2019

Screenshot of the LURA 2019 blog featuring posts titled Game of Linguistics, Vowel Quality in Bohemian Rhapsody, and An Overview of Meme LinguisticsThe 2019 Linguistics Undergraduate Research Award (LURA) blogs have been posted on the Department of Linguistics website. Professor Kira Hall developed the LURA program while participating in the 2017-18 ASSETT Faculty Fellows cohort.

The 17 students honored were nominated for innovative research conducted in an undergraduate linguistics class during the spring 2018 and fall 2018 semesters. They are: Ana Berlova, Kieran Britt, Heraa Hashmi, Jay Hevelone, Gin Quesada Lara, Kyo Lee, Mari Marquardt, Lauren Nelsen, Tansee McReynolds, Timothy Meier, Carolyn Olmsted, Calley Peirce, Amy Sanders, Sophia Six, Camila Soffia, Cameron Sojak, and Mara Strother.

Awards are contingent on the students' successful submission of 500-1000 word blogs describing the research for which they were nominated. Students work with their nominating faculty members, GPTIs, or TAs to produce synopses of their research ideas that are both informative and accessible to a wider readership. Hall noted in her project report, submitted in May 2018:

We are pleased to report that the undergraduate blog project not only enhanced the department climate for many of our undergraduate students, it also constituted a major step forward in inspiring undergraduate involvement in the major and in the discipline... [It] advertises our linguistics courses while showcasing the work of our students to the university community and to the public.

The webpage hosting the blogs was designed by linguistics PhD student Kevin Stowe.

For more information about the Faculty Fellows program, contact Amanda McAndrew or visit the ASSETT website.