Published: April 26, 2018

As the semester winds down, is your desk buried in piles of ungraded student papers? Is your ink-stained hand cramping from writing comments? Are you dusting off your calculator to tabulate grades? Now there is a better way – the Canvas SpeedGrader!

Integrated within the Gradebook, the SpeedGrader allows instructors to review, mark up, and comment on digital submissions within the LMS (no printing required!); develop integrated rubrics for streamlined and consistent scoring; and provide comments in a range of formats, including text, audio, video, and attachments. Students are notified when their work has been graded and can simply log in to the course site to securely and privately access their scores and feedback. The tool can be used to grade various types of assignments in Canvas, such as uploaded papers, quizzes, and discussion posts.

To get started, check out the Office of Information Technology’s Canvas Help web page or the How Do I Use SpeedGrader? guide from Canvas.You can also drop in or remotely participate in an upcoming support session. Happy grading!