Published: May 20, 2014

Faculty members Giorgio Corda, Dave Rickels, Holly Gayley, Janet Casagrand, Elena Kostoglodova, and Jen Lewon participated in both the Teaching with Technology Faculty Seminar and the Hybrid and Online Course Design Seminars this past 2013-2014 academic year.  These faculty presented at the Second Annual ASSETT Teaching with Technology Symposium at the UMC Glenn Miller Ballroom in May.  Audience members at the Symposium were invited to browse their demonstrations of use of technology in teaching.

  • Giorgio Corda of the Italian Language Department presented his hybrid and online foreign language course models.  He said that he feels that teaching online provides a more fulfilling language learning experience than just in-the-classroom.  Corda ascribes to a cooperative learning pedagogy and uses VoiceThread and other programs so that students can comment throughout a video while they watch it.  Students' comments on videos are visible to the entire class so that students can help each other.  Corda stressed the flexibility that online learning provides makes a more equitable playing field for more students with outside responsibilities to participate.  He provides a weekly fifteen minute one-on-one session with students to assess their progress and allow time to answer questions.
  • Music professor Dr. Dave Rickels shows ASSETT Director Michelle Jackson and Student Assistant Moira McCormick how he uses the Coach's Eye Tablet app to give feedback to pre-service music teachersDave Rickels, PhD, uses the Coach's Eye Tablet app that is traditionally used in sports coaching to coach future music teachers with synchronized video feedback.  With the app, he can record his own voice over a video of a student giving a sample lesson.  He said, "It's very real to the students because they have to watch themselves."

  • Janet Casagrand, PhD, of the Integrated Physiology Department presented her use of "Screencasts for Student Review."
  • Elena Kostoglodova, PhD, of the German and Slavic Languages and Literatures presented, "Integrated Camtasian and Voicethreads Tutorials for the Hybrid Language Classroom."
  • Jen Lewon of the Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Department presented how she encouraged a student community through social media.
  • Holly Gayley, PhD of the Religious Studies Department presented, "Documentary Storytelling in the Humanities."