If you're moving into a leadership position, interested in thinking deeply about identity, or exploring the role of creativity in your life, this online leadership specialization is for you! Stories are powerful catalysts for social change that can contribute to greater equity and inclusion across a range of diverse human experiences and identities. Stories can limit or define us, and they can also be reconstructed, questioned, tinkered with, and used to reconsider or expand possibilities for your life and communities. You will have an opportunity to craft the narratives of your own life experiences in ways that help you better understand your public and private identities. The courses in this specialization feature diverse media that share stories spanning nationality, race, gender, sexuality, social class, and time. You will practice giving and receiving constructive feedback as we explore creating through audio, video, social media, and more traditional forms of writing. 

By completing this specialization, you will be able to:

  • How your own life experiences and identities have shaped you as a leader and creator
  • Nuanced contexts of race, gender, class, and how these impact your position as a leader and creator towards equity and inclusion
  • Active listening towards others’ life stories with empathy and curiosity
  • How to ask for and receive feedback on your work


  • Storying the self: How stories shape our Identities
  • Storying the self: (Re)Claiming our voices
  • Storying the self: Telling our stories

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