You can enroll in individual courses or specializations — a series of courses designed to help you master a specific skill — to earn Course and Specialization Certificates. Complete courses at your own pace.

Non-Credit Offerings

If you are interested in our non-credit offerings:

  • Sign up for an account on Coursera, the online platform where you will access and complete your courses. If you are a student, faculty, or staff member at the University of Colorado, sign up for a Coursera account here.
  • Browse our course offerings to find and select courses to enroll in.
  • Click on a course card to enroll and start learning.
  • Pay the course fee to unlock the full course, including graded assignments, to earn a Course or Specialization Certificate.

For Credit & Degree Program Offerings

If you are interested in our for-credit and degree program offerings:

  • Search our course offerings by selecting “for credit” from the search options.
  • Click on a course card to learn more about the program and how to enroll.