This online sustainability specialization is for purpose-driven individuals who want to affect positive change in their world but are not sure they have the confidence, knowledge, or skills to do so. You will be guided from a macro-level view of the global challenges facing us today, to the sustainable innovations that are transforming many of the industries and products that we rely upon, to a more personal examination of how we as individuals can create a more sustainable future through the choices we make in our daily lives. This specialization is designed to inspire learners through a greater awareness of the innovations in the technologies, products, and businesses that benefit the climate, regenerate the environment, and create a more socially equitable and sustainable world.

By completing this specialization, you willl be able to:

  • Have a science and fact-based discussion with friends, family, and work colleagues that explains the need to rapidly move to a more sustainable way of life
  • Write a blog post that describes our current economic and industrial model of “take-make-waste” and the necessary transition to a more sustainable circular economy modeled after natural systems
  • Apply simple sustainability assessments such as carbon analyses to calculate a baseline “sustainability rating” of your current lifestyle
  • Identify sustainable food, clothing, and consumer goods while shopping
  • Become a sustainability leaders in your community or place of employment by designing a project that transforms a current way of doing things to one that is more environmentally or socially responsible


  • The Sustainability Imperative
  • Sustainable Innovations in Transportation, Food, and More (Coming Soon)
  • It's Up to Us Now: Becoming a Sustainability Leader (Coming Soon)

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