This online social science specialization invites you to think about the things you love to watch, read, listen to, and post as you reflect on fandom, popular culture, and digital media in the world today. This specialization will boost your digital media fluency and help you continue to define your identity as a fan of popular culture within digital spaces. Ultimately, this specialization is a celebration of you and your communities and how your shared fandom can bring people together to change the world.

By completing this specialization, you will be able to:

  • Develop strategies for self-reflection and awareness, digital literacy, and meaningful engagement with fandom, popular culture, and digital media
  • Analyze the products of popular culture through applied close reading frameworks
  • Connect and synthesize critical self-reflection and close reading frameworks through personal writing and creative expression
  • Deepen your investment in pop culture passions and communities
  • Celebrate what you love, how you love it, and who you love it with


  • Fandom, Social Media, and Authenticity in the Digital Age
  • Fandom, Community, and Identity in Popular Music
  • Comic Books, Geek Culture, and the Fandom Imaginary

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