Bringing Back In-Person, On-Campus New Student Orientation (Raile)

The author makes a case for abandoning the online orientation for new students at CU-Boulder and restoring an in-person, on-campus model to create a more positive and human experience for students.

A narrative experience: One hour of Academic Advising (Vahey)

The author puts forward composite examples of academic advising that illustrate advisors’ collaborative work with students, faculty and staff, underscoring the need for considering the role of advisors in carrying out campus priorities.

Student Support Programming and Coursework (Baron)

The author calls for a campus-wide network of academic support for all students in order to end the outdated “sink or swim” mentality of academic achievement that still exists in some quarters at CU Boulder. See the white paper

Toward better priorities for campus investment (Bonetti)

The author argues that student support services such as advising should be priorities for investing needed dollars over campus lifestyle amenities and athletic facilities. See the white paper

Understanding the Student Experience (Sawaya et al.)

Oct. 26, 2017

The authors propose a detailed partnership with students designed to understand very precisely how they themselves define the student experience in all its most vital aspects.

Changing the Landscape of the University: Recognizing Students as Partners (Moriyama et al.)

Oct. 26, 2017

The authors propose students acting as full partners with faculty, repositioning them as, respectively, learners and teachers and that redefines the traditional roles of students and faculty in relation to one another and to the institution.