Our greatest asset in this visioning effort is our community. You have great ideas about where we should be headed. To make sure that we hear all of these ideas, campus leadership invites you to gather together and develop community white papers.

The deadline for submitting a white paper has passed. If you have a question about white papers, please email Academic Futures. 

To view and download white papers as a whole, please use this link


Tuition Benefit Issues (CU Boulder Staff Council)

The authors outline opportunities in the University’s academic future to close the gap of social inequality related to employee tuition benefit, further supporting the University’s dedication to research and scholarship, as well as its strategic imperatives.

Fostering CU’s Global Prominence in Geosciences by Improving Department Support and Strengthening Department-Institute-Museum Relationships (Flowers, Ge, Abbott, et al.)

Jan. 17, 2018

The authors outline opportunities both to enhance unified strategic planning efforts and reduce real and perceived inequities in resources and opportunities available to Geosciences department faculty.

Sustainability As An Interdisciplinary Theme for Undergraduate Education (Simmons, Boykoff, Osnes)

The authors propose to harness the broad appeal and diverse reach of sustainability as a theme to inform and organize undergraduate education, in order to help the campus meet the desires of parents and students for a relevant 21st century education while carrying out CU Boulder’s educational Strategic Imperatives.

Alternatives to the Student Credit Hour (Goodman)

The author proposes a system that can supplement if not replace the SCH as an index of a given unit’s value through such means as rewarding the outreach capacity and impact of academic units and rewarding the extent to which the unit engages in interdisciplinary work that is of use to multiple units across campus.

Making Interdisciplinary Learning a Reality (Goodman)

The author proposes changes in the structure of the College of Arts & Sciences to facilitate interdisciplinary teaching and learning.

The Need for a Graduate Student Living Wage (Anderson Stewart & Wolf-Root)

The authors make the case for funding graduate students via a living wage within the University’s existing budgets.

The Libraries’ Substantive Role in the Internationalization Efforts at the University of Colorado Boulder (Li, Hall, Maxson, Chang)

The authors examine areas where CU Boulder Libraries are engaged in internationalization activities, suggest future enhancement in these areas, and propose a deeper understanding of the extent to which the Libraries can participate in campus internationalization efforts.

Faculty of Color/Faculty of the Global Majority Luncheon (Maeda, Mejia)

The authors outline recommendations from a recent luncheon of 35 faculty of color on how CU Boulder can increase equity, inclusive excellence, and diversity through stronger commitments and new strategies.

The Classroom Theorist Meets Future Star Practitioners – and Peers? (Zizzi)

The author outlines a model whereby teaching faculty produce, and not merely disseminate, knowledge, while influencing practice.

The Benefits of Building University Corporate Partnerships (Benson, Hubble, Freaney)

The authors recommend a more expansive and coordinated effort toward building campus-wide university corporate partnerships.