Our greatest asset in this visioning effort is our community. You have great ideas about where we should be headed. To make sure that we hear all of these ideas, campus leadership invites you to gather together and develop community white papers.

The deadline for submitting a white paper has passed. If you have a question about white papers, please email Academic Futures. 

To view and download white papers as a whole, please use this link


Proposal to Create a Contemplative Resource Center at CU Boulder (Cejudo, Daily, Eklund et al)

Dec. 13, 2017

The authors propose creating a Contemplative Resource Center that would offer a variety of contemplative practices to serve students, faculty, and staff and that would make CU Boulder a leader in offering resources that help to create tomorrow’s impactful leaders.

Building a Culture of Partnership: Staff and Operations of the College of Arts & Sciences (A&S Staff Advisory Committee 2017-18)

The authors recommend a series of updates to action items that will empower staff as working partners with faculty and administration within the College of Arts & Sciences.

Job Integration for Increased Collaboration (Vanderwerf, Wilson, Taylor)

The authors provide examples of cross-functional jobs from inside and outside CU Boulder that they hold will enhance the student experience by breaking down silos and working towards true integration.

2016-17 Listening Lunches Executive Summary (Walker/Chancellor’s Committee for Women 2016-17)

The authors submit eight proposals to improve the workplace experience of women on the CU Boulder campus.

Alleviating Systemic Abuse and Additional Afflictions at CU Boulder (North)

The author recommends that CU Boulder study the positional power that appointing authorities have on the campus and the impact of their use of this power, with an eye toward developing an institution-level intervention aimed at enforcing behavioral accountability.

Residential Academic Programs: Values and Futures (Breed)

The author places RAPS in the context of CU’s strategic planning and shows how further investment in RAPS will benefit students.

CU Collections Management Group (Scholnick, Briscoe, Paul, Ryan, et al.)

The authors describe a collections network on campus that serves as an asset for its members and for the campus regarding best practices, digital asset management, advocacy and emergency preparedness.

The Social Model of Disability at CU Boulder (Griffin, Meister, Mora)

The authors propose a social model of disability that engages students in the interactive process, encourages self-advocacy and promotes a collaborative campus approach to supporting students with disabilities.

A Testing Center Proposal (Subcommittee on Access to ODECE)

The authors propose a testing center to serve the entire CU community to support students with disabilities.

Rethinking Departmental Rewards (Klymkowsky)

The author proposes the campus significantly change the way departments reward faculty, with a clear emphasis on a department’s undergraduate educational effectiveness.