Published: Sept. 5, 2017

Campus involvement in the Academic Futures: Rethinking the university – the futures of learning and discovery process is critical for its success. The more you are involved, the more the results will reflect your ideas. We are looking for nominations/volunteers for two kinds of campus involvement:

The Academic Futures Committee: 

The Provost invites nominations and volunteers for a committee to oversee the Rethinking the University process, comprised of faculty, staff and students.

Convener: Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs, Jeff Cox.


  • Convene meetings across campus with all community members
  • Review ideas and information that arise in this process
  • Incorporate and stay in conversation with the planning processes already underway on campus and in the schools and colleges (e.g., campus reaccreditation, campus master plan, local strategic planning efforts, etc.).
  • Provide recommendations to the provost and the campus.


Campus Listeners: 

The Provost invites nominations and volunteers for Campus Listeners, who will be responsible for ensuring all members of the campus community have an immediate point of contact for questions, comments and concerns related to the process. This large group of colleagues will serve to bring ideas to the Academic Futures Committee, as well as answering questions about the work of the committee.


We anticipate that both groups will be active through the Spring of 2018.