Center for Computer Research in the Humanities

The Center for Computer Research in the Humanities (CCRH) was established in 1967 by H. Lewis Sawin, Mike Preston, and Sam Coleman to apply computer technology to textual analysis of various kinds. Over the years, a primary tool has been the concordance, and CCRH developed several versions of the Unicorn Concordance System. Many concordances were produced and published (see the bibliography below) for a variety of texts in English, German, and other languages. (A concordance is a listing of words that appear in a text. The listing includes the location of each word and the context in which each word appears.)

The initial works published here will be formatted as Postscript files, suitable for producing camera-ready copy. We recognize that more interactive, searchable texts and concordances are highly desirable, and we will pursue such capability if resources permit.

CCRH Information

A Brief History of Computer Concordances

CCRH Bibliography


A Concordance to the Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Concordance to the Child Ballads

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