Why Summer?

Welcome to summer!
Summer Session at CU Boulder offers you the opportunity to advance your degree, explore your interests, and enjoy dozens of cultural and recreational activities in and around Boulder during a beautiful time of year. Consider the benefits: 

On average, Summer Session classes have 30 students or less. As a result, students engage more often and more deeply with their professors and classmates, leading to a richer learning experience.

The Summer Session schedule includes multiple sessions of varying lengths between May and August to accommodate your needs. Online courses are also available. Choose the session or format that best fits your schedule.

Unlike the fall and spring semesters, Summer Session allows you to focus your attention on one or two classes at a time. You can immerse yourself in a topic you love or concentrate your efforts on a challenging class.

Take advantage of courses and faculty that are only available in summer through programs like FIRST (Faculty-In-Residence Summer Term) or traditional fall and spring classes that are only offered online in summer. Broaden your perspective and challenge your thinking under the instruction of world-class scholars from around the world. 

Have you struggled to get into popular or required classes? Summer Session provides an opportunity for you to take the classes you want or need the most.

Summer Session offers you the ability to explore fields of study and investigate your passions. Use Summer Session to add a second major or minor.