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Online Courses

Take advantage of the flexibility of online learning to take a summer class!

Stay on track to graduate–take a class while you’re working or interning–or complete a major or minor requirement. Many popular classes are offered online this Summer! Online classes are offered in a variety of terms and are part of Summer Session. Grades and tuition are included as part of Summer Session.

Engage with your faculty and classmates in innovative ways, such as discussion groups, message boards, and video lectures. These classes are 100% online. Students may only enroll in two online classes at a time. These classes are INTENSIVE. Students should not ADD a course after the first day. Be sure you have your books and materials before the class begins. Online classes require that you have a reliable Internet connection.

The intensive nature of the class means that you should carefully read the syllabus to understand the structure of the class and the dates for exams, papers, or other assignments. Many students find that an online class is more work than a face-to-face class. You need to be prepared to devote as much or more time than you normally spend in the classroom and on homework. If you have any questions, email your instructor or grader.

To see if you are ready to take an online class – take the short quiz.